Learn PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches

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If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of PowerShell and start working it like a pro, you should check out this book from some of the premier PowerShell trainers and gurus.  Written by Don Jones and Jeff Hicks, Learn PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches takes you through the basics of PowerShell in a series of one hour training sessions. (These links take you to Amazon to buy the book. …

PowerShell 3 Workflow Tutorial Video by Bruce Payette

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This video features a PowerShell 3 workflow overview and tutorial from Bruce Payette.  Bruce is the Principal Developer in Windows Manageability for Microsoft.  This means that he is the main developer for PowerShell 3.0 and is one of the highest authorities on Windows management and scripting with PowerShell.
PowerShell 3 WorkFlow Tutorial
If you’ve heard that Power Shell 3 uses workflows, …

How to Find Enum Values in PowerShell

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Windows PowerShell Cookbook Volume 3 by Lee Holmes
There are a couple of very easy ways to get a find enum values in PowerShell.  Enums are often used when choosing an option as a parameter in a PowerShell command.  This article shows you exactly how to get those values for any enumerated list type (called “enum”).
The easiest way to find enum values in PowerShell is to use Get-Help, …

Overview of the SMBShare Module for PowerShell 3

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The SMBShare Module that comes with PowerShell 3 lets you administer network shares directly from within PowerShell. The cmdlets are easy to use, and it is my new favorite way to work with network shares.
It’s the Quickest Way to Create a Network Share with PowerShell
It’s very easy to create network shares with PowerShell by using the SMBShare module that comes in PowerShell version 3.
How …